Welcome to our new (and first) website!


Okay! Today is, more or less (mostly less since we are launching ahead of schedule!) June 04, 2022. The target date of launch for this website. Eileen and I have been talking about going out on our own to teach yoga and mediation since the beginning of covid, and honestly, even before that. In the fall of 2021, we decided we really wanted to do it. It took us until January to commit, and honestly, we had no idea what we had signed up for!

Covid made online yoga and meditation a reality, and we personally benefited so much by being able to connect to our teachers, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpcohe and Sri Dharma Mittra and Robert Moses - attending their retreats and classes. They brought their practice into our homes over Zoom, and they taught us just how much could be offered online. And we  kept teaching classes twice a week at In Balance Yoga Studio. Zoom is so easy. How hard could it be to teach on our own? So glad you asked! 

It turns out you need a website. We didn't have one. You need social media. We don't really do social media. You need photos and videos. We don't have photos and videos. You are supposed to have testimonials. We didn't have them either. In fact, other than knowing how to set up and run a zoom meeting, we knew basically nothing about anything. So the learning process has been steep. And I mean S-T-E-E-P, steep. 

But we had some great support for this journey to launch. First each other. Eileen is always inspiring me to think different (Apple, please don't sue me for stealing your motto). And I try to do the same for her. Ray and Nina Crist, Eileen's brother and his wife, were a great help. They kept telling us how easy it was (and it is, sort of), they turned us on to some great online tools, and took the time to really walk us around their site, Jaguar Path, which taught us a lot. Our site and all that we do are built with Simplero, an amazing set of tools for doing many of those things we didn't know anything about. And a special shout-out to the almost superhuman Simplero help desk. I (Rob, the technology side thigns is my role) could ask  a poorly phrased question as a newbie and they would not only understand me, but teach me how to solve each issue! Super grateful to them all. 

But here we are, opening up a site to teach Hatha and Tibetan yoga in a way that we feel the world greatly needs. Getting to this point was like going back to grad school. We are learning about things, and how to do things, that have never interested us. And we are having fun doing it. We are building something we both want to offer the world, and we think it is something that others want to receive.  

So what's the deal with the stock photo at the top? I've always had a bit of the heebie-jeebies when it comes to heights. But the view from the top of a cliff or a peak or a tall building can be so stunning! It's worth the discomfort to get to the view. Launching this site has definitely taken Eileen and me out of our comfort zones, and we are excited about the vistas opening up for us. We invite you to look at where you are too comfortable. What do you avoid because it might be a hassle, or you might look like an amateur or worse? We say, do it! Step out and see what else you are capable of? What is a gift that you have, and how can you share it or share it even more with others? 



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