Our Pricing

It's always hard to talk about money and dharma, but it's important.

The entire path of yoga and meditation should be available to all. But that doesn't mean every opportunity must be free. Running a website and teaching classes have real costs, so we do charge for our live classes, most of our on-demand classes, and most of our courses. And, paid classes and courses allow us to create and maintain more free content, too. So, when you purchase a class or a course, you are helping to make more available to others over time. To encourage regular participation in classes (that's where the benefits come from), we offer significantly reduced rates for monthly and annual subscriptions. The longer you commit to, the less expensive the classes. And we do try to keep our prices low compared to in-person and other online studios. 

Charging for access to the teachings is also in keeping with the concept of dakshina in the yogic tradition. Teachings and practice should be highly valued - as valuable to us as our own eyes! These practices give new eyes with which to see ourselves and the world more fully, more truthfully. Their value is inestimable! We always offer an exchange, usually monetary, to our teachers for the teachings we receive. And, our intention is to donate a substantial portion of any profit generated from this site to environmental and social justice causes. Transparency is important to us. We will publish at the end of each year how much we are able to donate. 

If you would like to attend our live classes or courses but cannot afford them, please write us using the form below. Our goal is to make a living teaching Hatha and Tibetan yoga, but to never turn anyone away for lack of funds. 

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