A Rain of Blessings

Hatha & Tibetan Yoga 

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Welcome to A Rain of Blessings!

We are Rob & Eileen Patzig, two practitioners sharing what we've learned in our decades of practice. Yoga and meditation have blessed us like a rain of nectar in our lives. Our practice nourishes us - heals and restores us. It strengthens our bodies, minds, and spirits. Again and again our practice takes us deep into a place of connection: to ourselves, to each other, the Earth and all the beautiful living creatures inhabiting this world. In yoga we discover the vast expanse of wisdom and compassion at the heart of all being. Sometimes the rain is gentle. Sometimes it storms! When we recognize it through vision, faith, and commitment, it all falls down as a blessing.

Experience the benefits for yourself! 

To celebrate our website launch, we are offering FREE access for the whole month of June. We already have on-demand videos for you to practice with.

Live classes on Wednesday and Saturday


Hatha & Tibetan Yoga

We are really serious about practice, but it's lively, fun and nourishing, too. 
Come and practice with us! Our live Hatha classes run about 95 minutes, and our on-demand classes from 45 - 95 minutes. 
We teach Tibetan Yoga through online courses. After you take a course, you can join us for live Tibetan Yoga classes. 

Hatha Yoga

  • Asana, pranayama, and bandha in every class!
  • For practitioners with a regular yoga practice
  • 95 minute classes 
  • Live and On-demand classes 

Come to Class!

Tibetan Yoga

  • Courses in breath work and movement (Tsa Lung Trul Khor)
  • All levels of practitioners welcome 
  • Modifications for all levels of ability 
  • Live and On-Demand Classes

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A Rain of Blessings

“I have practiced with Rob and Eileen for many years. I love the peacefulness and ritual of Rob’s classes, the feeling that all is well just to arrive on my mat. Eileen’s classes are wonderfully sequenced to challenge me to my full potential, whether pranayama or asana.”

Professor, Virginia Tech

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Access Rob & Eileen's live yoga classes, held every Wednesday and Saturday (08:30 am eastern - New York) as well as a curated selection of on-demand classes that you can take any time and our video tutorials, too! 

Nina Crist

“Deep bow of gratitude for this beautiful practice so intertwined & complimentary...integrating my entire human experience and continuing to heal me so deeply.”

Healer & Teacher, The Jaguar Path