Hatha Yoga

Classical Yoga for yogis & yoginis of from all walks of life

This purchase gives access to Rob & Eileen's live yoga classes, held on Wednesday and Saturday (08:30 am eastern - New York) as well as a curated selection of on-demand classes that you can take any time. 

Classes are 95 minutes in length. Each class includes a complete asana practice, pranayama and bandhas, as well as savasana (relaxation)! We are sharing with you what we have learned these past 40 years in our personal practice and study. Eileen's classes tend to have a greater flow element, as well as more diversity in pranayama practices. Rob's class tend to include more inversions and arm balances, but less pranayama. Each class will take you through twists, forward bends, back bends, standing and arm balances, and inversions. 

Our live classes are not designed for students new to the practice of yoga. To fully enjoy the benefits you need an established asana practice. Since we are online, you are your own guide as to when to press ahead and when to ease up. If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to go to a studio and practice in person with a teacher. Or, if that isn't possible, there are some great online teachers focused on helping you cultivate the foundations of a strong, beneficial practice. When you start to feel confident on your mat and in your practice, please come back. We'd love to practice with you! 

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