Why are we doing this? What's our shtick?


Okay, so what's different about what we do that isn't already covered by the thousands or tens of thousands of others teaching yoga in person and/or online?  A few things.

We'll start with what you will immediately experience. Our live Hatha classes are 90 - 95 minutes long. Try to find classes over 60 minutes nowadays! There are some 75 minute classes around but almost no 90 minute classes. Great, long class. That's nice, you say, so what? Well, that gives us time to offer a complete asana practice. Standing and floor work, forward and back bending, twists, inversions, balances, all of it. And we still get to practice pranayama, and mudras, and some bandhas, and savasana at the end. We think that's special, especially online where you can practice in your own home. And, in our 40 years of teaching yoga (23 years for Eileen, about 18 for me, Rob) we have learned that it is the complete practice that brings about the most changes in one's body, mind and spirit. We have some free classes on our Vimeo channel. You can check those out here. Full confession: we are offering some shorter pre-recorded classes for free on our vimeo site, and also on our subscription site. We know that you don't always have time for a full practice. Sometimes we don’t have the time either! 

Our hatha classes are deeply informed by our studies with Sri Dharma Mittra, which began in 2005. Study of the early texts of yoga, especially the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita have deeply influenced us both.

More differentiation? We teach Tsa Lung Trul Khor, the magical movements of the channels and winds. This is an ancient practice found in very few places, most of them in Nepal and Tibet. These practices are really different from traditional yoga classes. What most people think of as yoga - vinyasa, hatha, flow, ashtanga - it's almost all from southern India. The traditions from the Himalayas are really different in profound ways. In them we hold the breath, we focus attention in different parts of the body and in different chakras as we move dynamically. We shout and shake to clear stagnant energy. And yogis have been doing these very same practices for thousands of years. In fact, tsa lung trul khor is almost certainly the oldest living tradition of yoga left to us, handed down teacher to student over many centuries.

So, that's what you will see in our classes and courses. On a different, more subtle level, Eileen and I have been blessed to have spent thousands of hours in classes, going on retreat, and honing our own practice. As a result, yoga has changed us and continues to change us. How it can change each of us is unique to who we are and who we are capable of being, but it is always beautiful, always surprising, always worthwhile. We are nobody special (okay, I think Eileen is special). We aren't gurus. But we want to share what we have learned about practice with you - about breath, about discipline, about diet, about making positive choices that support not only you, your family and your pets, but support all the wonderful diversity of life that is this garden of a planet. We are just two tree-hugging yogi vegan animal lovers who think that helping people connect more fully to the practice of yoga will help us all connect more fully to each other, connect to the essence of being that lives in the heart of all; connect to health and wellness for ourselves, all humans, the two legged and four legged, the creepy crawlies and the fish in the sea. It will help us see the world as the living breath of Source, as the play of the elements and the winds of existence. In a nutshell, we want to live in a world of beauty. If you think you are interested, check out our free, full length classes on our Vimeo channel. If you are reading this in April or June of 2022, sign up for free classes and more!

Free in JUNE!


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